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Now available Summer 2023

Hush Final.jpg  Cover for A Hush in the Forest

Adria Edgerton longs to return to her cherished ancestral home in Wales. However, she is trapped under the oppressive rule of her cruel aunt. Amidst her aunt’s wrath and abuse, she finds solace in her mysterious and enigmatic neighbor, Vitus Davajec, who recently moved into a nearby, decaying estate. 

As their friendship blossoms, Vitus grows entranced by Adria’s pluck and innocent charm. He is determined to help her escape her ruthless family and reclaim the life she pines for in Wales. But Vitus has a dark secret that may destroy her trust and their budding love. 

A Hush in the Forest is a dark vampire historical fiction novel with explicit scenes and violence suitable for adult audiences only. 

WOA 3.jpg  Ad for the all three Wrath of Aphrodite books
WOA BKI.jpg Cover for Book 1 the Wrath of Aphrodite
WOA II.jpg Book II The Wrath of Aphrodite
WOA III.jpg  Wrath of Aphrodite Book III
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